Stuart Milligan voiced Colonel Stark in the Doctor Who television story Dreamland, Anthony Chambers in the Big Finish Doctor Who audio story The Reaping, Emerson Whytecrag III in Lurkers at Sunlight's Edge and Garundel in Black and White, Starlight Robbery and the Jenny: The Doctor's Daughter audio story Stolen Goods.

He played Richard Nixon in the Doctor Who television stories The Impossible Astronaut / Day of the Moon, and performed an uncredited voice role as a tannoy voice in The Sarah Jane Adventures story Warriors of Kudlak. He also read the AudioGO audiobook Blackout and the audiobook version of The Deviant Strain.

Stuart Milligan is also known for other roles such as the long-term role of Adam Klaus on Jonathan Creek, Frank De Martini in the 2006 docudrama Inside the Twin Towers, and Arthur O'Neil on the television miniseries The Assets. Additionally, Milligan has lent his voice to video game productions, including Cluedo, Pac-Man World 3 and Rocky Legends.

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