Stuart Humphryes, aka Babelcolour,[1] is a colourisation artist best known for his work colourising monochrome Doctor Who footage. He was the artist responsible for colourising a scene from The Daleks' Master Plan for The Dalek Tapes documentary on the Genesis of the Daleks DVD, released in 2005.[2] More recently he has re-colourised the first episode of The Mind of Evil for DVD release in June 2013[3] as well as newly discovered monochrome footage from episode one of Terror of the Zygons which has been incorporated into the Director's Cut of the serial on DVD.[4]

His Doctor Who-related YouTube channel Babelcolour was established on 10 August 2006. His 11th anniversary video in 2017 included contributions from Steven Moffat, John Levene, Christel Dee, David J. Howe, Clayton Hickman, Tom Spilsbury and John Guilor. His channel's other videos have included collaborations with Jon Culshaw, Jake Dudman, Wink Taylor, Christopher Thomson and Jonathon Carley.

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