Strood was a housemate alongside Crosbie and Lynda Moss in the Big Brother house that the Ninth Doctor was transported to. He refused to go with the Doctor and Lynda when they escaped. (TV: Bad Wolf)

Behind the scenes Edit

To promote the broadcast of Bad Wolf in 2005, the BBC Doctor Who website was redesigned, resembling what websites of United Kingdom reality shows like Big Brother looked like at the time. It ostensibly showed the profiles of surviving housemates of the Big Brother house, including Strood. Strood stated his "home" in the year 200,100 as "Torchwood". [1] In Bad Wolf, "Torchwood" was briefly mentioned as the answer to a question on The Weakest Link. "Torchwood" was also what the Doctor Who production team labelled tapes "as a security measure" while they went from Cardiff to London, [2] but the name had yet to be properly established as an Earth-defending institute or as the TV series starring John Barrowman the following year.

Footnotes Edit

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