A stripper was a person who would, usually in front of a group, remove their clothes for money.

For Gwen Cooper's hen night, a male stripper was hired. He ripped off his police uniform to reveal just a pink posing pouch covering his crotch. (TV: Something Borrowed)

A stripper named Lucy was intended to pop out of a cake at Rory Williams' stag party on 25 June 2010, but the Eleventh Doctor took her place. He revealed to those present that she was outside in a bikini. (TV: The Vampires of Venice)

Edna put on a strip show for the residents of a retirement home in an old shack. This was done not so much for sexual arousal as it was an attempt to shock the younger generation. The show was broken up by a group of young people and the old people were taken back to their home. (PROSE: Beguine)

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