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Stripped for action? was a two-part article in Doctor Who Magazine issues 167 and 168. Written in the time following the television series's cancellation, it discussed the possible development of a Doctor Who newspaper strip and if it would be popular enough to run. The article included several strips of artwork that had already been created for the proposed series, including the pilot entitled Terror from the Deep, which involved the Seventh Doctor, Ace, UNIT, the Daleks, the Channel Tunnel, a deadly virus, and the Movellans.

In an attempt similar to the later Interweaving with the New Adventures, the article created a "Continuity List" which placed comic stories in a timeline with the television stories. This applied only to Marvel Comics material, with proposes that companions like Adric or Mel who appeared with the Doctor on television were on some separate adventure if they didn't appear in the strip. The allowed for Peri's wanderings in New York and Ace being on a field trip to the Cretaceous. This list included comic, television, and text stories. Ironically, the only concurrent story which was not included was Terror from the Deep.

Tom Baker stories[edit | edit source]

Peter Davison stories[edit | edit source]

Colin Baker stories[edit | edit source]

Peri takes a break from travelling in the TARDIS.
Peri leaves. Mel joins the Doctor, somehow.

Sylvester McCoy stories[edit | edit source]

Mel takes a break: Peri re-joins the Doctor for an untold story with Frobisher, then leaves once more.
The Doctor makes good his promise to Ace to see the dinosaurs (see The Happiness Patrol) and leaves her in the Upper Cretaceous, promising to be "back in a few hours." He's seen it all before and besides, he's promised to see his friend Bonjaxx at his birthday in Maruthea.
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