A street or road was a public path for cars in a town or city.

United Kingdom[edit | edit source]

Streets in London included Albany Street, (TV: Children of Earth: Day Three) Alberneath Avenue, (PROSE: Silhouette) Aldersgate Street, Byward Street, Cannon Street, Farmingdon Street, Mansell Street, Mansion House St, Newgate Street, Queen Victoria Street, Shoe Lane, St Bride Street, St Martin Le Grand and Tooley Street, (TV: The Lie of the Land) All Hallows Street, (TV: The Shakespeare Code) Ashwood Avenue, (PROSE: Survival) Baker Street and Charing Cross Road, (PROSE: All-Consuming Fire) Brook Street, Candleford Street, Clement Street, Dartmore Road, Juniper Avenue, Marsley Street and West Vaughn Street, (TV: Partners in Crime) Brooster Street, (AUDIO: Litefoot and Sanders) Carlton Road, (AUDIO: Deadly Download) Carnaby Street, (PROSE: The Greatest Show in the Galaxy) Chancellor Street, (TV: Smith and Jones) Clerkenwell Road, Oxford Circus and St James's Place, (TV: Nightvisiting) Cockspur Street, (PROSE: The Ambush!) Commercial Street and Hanbury Street, (PROSE: Birthright) Craven Street, (AUDIO: The Founding Fathers) Cromwell Road and Exhibition Road, (TV: In the Forest of the Night) Dame Kelly Holmes Close, (TV: Fear Her) Dent Road and Maddock Way, (TV: The End of Time) Dover Street, (PROSE: The Spear of Destiny) Fentiman's Road and Latham Lane, (COMIC: The Curious Tale of Spring-Heeled Jack) Fleet Street, (PROSE: Doctor Who and the Abominable Snowmen) Florizel Street and Mafeking Terrace, (TV: The Idiot's Lantern) Freezeland Street, (TV: Thin Ice) Gallows Gate Road, (PROSE: Number 1, Gallows Gate Road) Gladwell Road, (TV: Planet of the Dead) Goulsten Street, (PROSE: Matrix) Great Scotland Yard, (PROSE: The Banquo Legacy) Hanway Street, (PROSE: The Crystal Bucephalus) Harley Street, (AUDIO: Eyes of the Master) Haymarket, New Bond Street, Piccadilly and Spur Street (TV: Deep Breath) Hazel Street, (TV: The Next Doctor) Henrietta Street, (PROSE: Dead Romance) Juke Street, Regent Street and Victoria Street, (TV: Rose) Lower Regent Street, (PROSE: Losing the Audience) Lowry Close and Primrose Avenue, (PROSE: Ships) Maccateer Street, (TV: Love & Monsters) Mare Street and Narrow Way, (TV: For Tonight We Might Die) Mayfield Terrace, (AUDIO: Hunters of Earth) Meadow Row, (PROSE: The Stone House) Minto Road, (TV: The Parting of the Ways) Old Compton Street, (PROSE: Verdigris) Old Street, (PROSE: Joyride) Olympic Way, (PROSE: Extra Time) Oxford Street, (PROSE: Doctor Who and the Auton Invasion) Park Street and Trap Street, (TV: Face the Raven) Paternoster Row, Praed Street, (TV: The Great Detective) Portobello Road, (TV: The Invasion) Pudding Lane, (TV: The Visitation) Shaftesbury Avenue, (PROSE: Endgame) The Strand, (PROSE: Timewyrm: Exodus) Tottenham Court Road, (PROSE: Doctor Who and the Dinosaur Invasion) Walterley Street, (TV: Father's Day) Wardour Row, (TV: Death in Heaven) Waterton Street (TV: Rise of the Cybermen) and Whitehall. (TV: Invasion of the Dinosaurs)

Streets in Chiswick included Chiswick High Road, Hayden Road and Hayden Road, (TV: The Runaway Bride) Christchurch Walk (PROSE: The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith) Griffin's Parade, Little Sutton Street and Sutton Court (TV: Turn Left) and Oak Street. (TV: The Bells of Saint John)

Streets in Ealing included Bannerman Road, (TV: Invasion of the Bane) High Street, (PROSE: Who Killed Kennedy) Morris Drive, (TV: The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith) Old Forest Road (PROSE: The Lost Boy) Peel Road (TV: Sky) and Renfrow Street. (AUDIO: The Ghost House)

Streets in Shoreditch included Coal Hill Road, (TV: Remembrance of the Daleks) Foreman Street, (TV: For Tonight We Might Die) Great Eastern Street, Leonard Street, Swallow Avenue and Wellington Road, (PROSE: Joyride) High Street, (PROSE: Time and Relative) Hinchcliffe Avenue (COMIC: The Fractures) and Totter's Lane. (TV: "An Unearthly Child")

Other streets in England included the A342, (COMIC: Fried Death) Abbey Road, (TV: End of Days) Aickman Road, (TV: The Lodger) Broadmarsh Street, (TV: The Family of Blood) the Chiswick flyover, (TV: The Nightmare Man) Claversham Row, (PROSE: Nothing O'Clock) Grass Street, (PROSE: The Lost Boy) Hill View Road, (TV: The Hand of Fear) Juliette Close, (TV: Nightvisiting) Limestone Lane, (COMIC: Endgame) Long Lane, (PROSE: The Way Through the Woods) Marigold Lane, (AUDIO: The Heavenly Paradigm) Norwich Street, (TV: Arachnids in the UK) Palmer Road, (PROSE: The Good Doctor) South Circular Road (PROSE: Byzantium!) and Surrey Street. (TV: The Ghost Monument)

Streets in Cardiff included Adam Street, City Road and Gardner Street, (AUDIO: Orr) Avery Road, (AUDIO: See No Evil) Bradford Street, Clarence Embankment, Corporation Road, Gabalfa Road, Greyfriars Road, Harrowby Lane, Harrowby Street and James Street, (PROSE: Bay of the Dead) Bute Street and St Mary's Street, (PROSE: Slow Decay) Castle Street, Lloyd George Avenue and Westgate Street, (AUDIO: Outbreak) Cathedral Road, (AUDIO: The Torchwood Archive) Chain Lane and Hope Street, (TV: From Out of the Rain) Davenport Street and Richmond Street, (AUDIO: A Kill to a View) Evelyn Street, (TV: Ghost Machine) Fanning Street, (TV: Adrift) Llangyfelach Lane and Robintree Alley, (TV: Everything Changes) Newport Road and Queen Street, (AUDIO: Changes Everything) Oystermouth Road, (TV: The Gathering) Penarth Road (PROSE: Another Life) and Rockall Street. (TV: Adam)

Europe[edit | edit source]

Streets in Europe included Giselakai, Imbergstrasse and Steingasse in Salzburg, Austria, (PROSE: Do You Believe in the Krampus?) Kartoffelstrasse, Ringstrasse and Wolfstrasse in Vienna, Austria, (AUDIO: The Silver Turk) Kaprova Street and Valentinska Street in Prague, the Czech Republic, (PROSE: The Time Eater) Boulevard Saint-Germain in Paris, France, (PROSE: The Ninnies on Putney Common) Foss Street in Pompeii, Italy, (TV: The Fires of Pompeii) Appian Way in Rome, Italy, (TV: The Fires of Pompeii), St Mark's Square in Venice, Italy (PROSE: The Empire of Glass) and Heiligeway in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. (PROSE: The Roundheads)

North America[edit | edit source]

Streets in New York City included 8th Avenue, 10th Avenue and 42nd Street, (PROSE: Times Squared) 13th Avenue, (COMIC: Time Lady of Means) 33rd Street, East 60th Street, East 61st Street, East 65th Street, East 66th Street, East 72nd Street, East 75th Street, East 76th Street, East 78th Street, East 79th Street, East 84th Street, Fifth Avenue, Second Avenue, Third Avenue, Eighth Avenue, FDR Drive, Lexington Avenue, West 72nd Street, West 77th Street, West 81st Street and York Avenue, (COMIC: Spiral Staircase) 34th Street and Broadway, (AUDIO: Invaders from Mars) 40th Street, 41st Street, 44th Street, 45th Street, 46th Street, 47th Street, Fifth Avenue and 6th Avenue, (COMIC: Revolutions of Terror) 44th Street, (TV: Day of the Moon) 9th Street and 55th Street, (COMIC: Ghost Stories) 94th Street and College Street, (TV: The Angels Take Manhattan) Fifth Avenue, (PROSE: The Forgotten Army) Mulberry Street (AUDIO: The Great White Hurricane) and Wall Street. (PROSE: Salvation)

Streets in San Francisco, California included Ashbury Street, Haight Street, Oak Street, Page Street, Waller Street, (PROSE: Wonderland) Divisadero Street, 22nd Street, Castro Street, Ellis Street, (PROSE: Vampire Science), Rose Street, Jasmine Boulevard (PROSE: The Novel of the Film), Jackson Street, Powell Street, Adeline Street, Lincoln and Lombard Street. (PROSE: Unnatural History)

Other streets in the United States of America included Bainbridge Street, Cleveland Avenue, Cleveland Court and Dexter Avenue in Montgomery, Alabama, (TV: Rosa) Adams Street, Hamilton Avenue and Jefferson Street in Florida, (TV: The Impossible Astronaut) Fictional Close and Made Up Crescent in New Mexico, (TV: The Zygon Invasion) Young Street in Dallas, Texas (PROSE: Shroud of Sorrow) and 8th Street, Boston Avenue and Sellers Street in Washington DC. (TV: Dead of Night)

South America[edit | edit source]

Streets in Buenos Aires, Argentina included 5 de Julio, Av Callao, Av Paseo Colon, Av Santa Fe, Balcarce, Bolivar, Carlos Calvo, Estados Unidos, Giuffra, Humberto, Plaza Dorrego, Rivadavia, Sin Designar, South Pacheco and Trabajo. (TV: The Blood Line)

Other locales[edit | edit source]

Streets in Paradise Towers included Potassium Street and Sodium Street. (TV: Paradise Towers)

Streets on other planets included Main Street on Legion. (PROSE: Big Bang Generation)

Streets in other realities included Bridge Street in Pete's World (TV: The Age of Steel) and the Boulevard of Alternate Brutalities. (PROSE: The Shape of Things)

Other references[edit | edit source]

During the Battle of Canary Wharf, the Tenth Doctor observed to Cyber-Leader One that the Cybermen were in "every street" as he explained that human would fight their invasion of Earth. (TV: Doomsday)

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