Strax Field Report: A Sontaran's View of Christmas was a webcast released during the build-up to The Time of the Doctor.

Synopsis Edit

Field Report XI225/MAS: Strax discusses a human tradition known as "Christmas".

Plot Edit

Strax explains that humans dress their houses with needless lights and colours, and exchange gifts — "none of which explode, decapitate or render the victim down into an easily disposable broth". He ridicules humanity for their choice of decoration and apparent pacifism. Strax then reveals his plan to confront Vastra and her boy companion Jenny Flint with a "missile-toe".

Characters Edit

Story notes Edit

  • This is the first field report to directly reference Madame Vastra and Jenny.
  • The designation of this field report (XI225/MAS) refers to Christmas — the "X" and "MAS" referring to the abbreviation of "Christmas", and I2/25 referring to 25 December, which is Christmas Day.
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