Strax Field Report: A Glorious Day was the third Strax Field Report webcast released in the build up of the final episode of the seventh series of Doctor Who.

Synopsis Edit

Field Report P137/B: "A glorious day of brutality, mercilessness and property damage is almost upon us."

Plot Edit

Strax reports to Sontar that he anticipates a glorious day in which the Eleventh Doctor and "the Impossible Boy" will likely be under threat. In all the excitement, Strax has clogged his probic vent. Strax thinks that this is what people mean by "fun". Strax gives the Sontaran salute and ends the report.

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Notes Edit

In the designation for this field report, 137 appears to be referring to the The Name of the Doctor as the thirteenth episode in the seventh series, and the letters P and B seemingly referring to "Part B" or the second half of the seventh series being aired.

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