Strax Field Report was an umbrella title for a series of in-character videos that had the intention of advertising in 2013 and Doctor Who Adventures short stories in 2015 that featured Strax sending reports back to Sontar.

Webisodes Edit

The original "reports" were about episodes of Doctor Who that had not yet aired and thus served as advertisements. Indeed, in at least two of the reports, the character clearly was talking about out-of-universe things, such as the name of episodes and location filming. The "field reports" were all delivered to the public on the web.

Doctor Who Adventures Edit

In 2015, Doctor Who Adventures magazine began incorporating in-universe Strax Field Reports into their Paternoster Gang Investigates short stories. Strax relayed events he experienced by himself and with Madame Vastra and Jenny Flint in transmissions to Sontar.

Field Reports Edit

# Name Report # Episode Release date
1 Trafalgar Square 1805/T The Day of the Doctor 9 April 2013
2 The Name of the Doctor T713/D The Name of the Doctor 16 May 2013
3 A Glorious Day P137/B The Name of the Doctor 18 May 2013
4 The Doctor's Greatest Secret D895/O The Name of the Doctor 24 May 2013
5 The Zygons Z115/D The Day of the Doctor 7 November 2013
6 Queen Elizabeth Q235/E The Day of the Doctor 17 November 2013
7 The Doctors TCX11/13 The Time of the Doctor 19 December 2013
8 A Sontaran's View of Christmas XI225/MAS The Time of the Doctor 22 December 2013
9 The Doctor has Regenerated! RE12/G The Time of the Doctor 25 December 2013
10 The House of Sorrows D004/D none 16 July 2015
11 The Tudor Engagement D006/B none 10 September 2015

Cinema introductions Edit

In addition, cinema screenings of the television story The Day of the Doctor featured a cinema introduction by Strax, addressing the audience on the topic of cinema etiquette. In 2020, an additional prequel in the same style was webcast on Twitter by the official Doctor Who on BBC America Twitter account, written by Steven Moffat especially for the occasion, under the title of Strax Saves the Day.

The cinema screening of the series 8 premiere, Deep Breath, included an introduction featuring Strax and his fellow Paternoster Gang members Vastra and Jenny Flint, formatted similarly to a Strax Field Report, where Strax humorously recounts information about the first twelve incarnations of the Doctor to Sontar, making note of the War Doctor as well as the Tenth Doctor's aborted regeneration, before alerting them to the appearance of a new Doctor.

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