Stranger Tales of the City was the sixth anthology in the City of the Saved series. It was edited by range veteran Liz Evershed, making it the first City of the Saved anthology to be edited by someone other than the City's creator Philip Purser-Hallard.

Publisher's summary[edit | edit source]

The knights hospitaller have just woken to a second life in a City the size of a galaxy.

Two strangers from a far-distant future are flung together on Resurrection Day.

A window-seller visits a claustrophobic suburb and finds it full of mystery.

A Remake gunslinger seeks a new role from the one he was always meant to play…

In this, the sixth anthology in the City of the Saved series, we meet a host of human and not-so-human characters getting to grips with life in the afterlife: alien adoptees with no previous experience of human cultures; Citizens permanently missing and not merely misplaced; priestesses of long-forgotten religions; posthumans with their own baffling version of the Civil Tongue; a viral strain of humankind that has never known community…

The City is full of strangers and these are their tales.

Individual stories[edit | edit source]

Title Author
Farewell to a World Alexandra Marchon
Mourning the Story Robert Shepherd
Riding Shotgun on a Stage from Grief Paul Hiscock
Bubble People Richard Wright
Philology: The Real Professional Bag of Tricks James Bojaciuk
Buried on Sunday Jay Eales
The Wandering Child Kara Dennison
Linking material Liz Evershed
Postscript James Bojaciuk and Liz Evershed

Notes[edit | edit source]

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