Stranded 1 was a full cast audio anthology released on 17 June 2020 by Big Finish Productions. It was the first release of Stranded. It featured Paul McGann as the Eighth Doctor, Nicola Walker as Liv Chenka, and Hattie Morahan as Helen Sinclair. It also introduced a new pair of characters to the TARDIS team in Rebecca Root as Tania Bell and Tom Price, who reprised his recurring role as Andy Davidson.

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The TARDIS is gone. Stranded in one time and place, the Doctor, Liv and Helen seek refuge in Baker Street. But the house has changed: they now have neighbours – not all of them welcoming. And someone has a dire warning for the future.

The Doctor and friends face their greatest challenge yet: living one day after another, in 2020 London.

1.1 Lost Property by Matt Fitton

Trying to find a way to resume his travels, the Doctor calls in some old favours.

As the residents get to know the new arrivals, something else finds its way into Baker Street, seeding suspicion.

Helen meets a man with a very familiar face – and a terrible warning.

1.2 Wild Animals by John Dorney

After weeks of London living, some of the TARDIS crew are finding it easier to adjust than others.

Liv has found a new friend, but Helen is worried about the Doctor.

And when a tragic crime takes place, the Time Lord must learn the limits of his powers.

1.3 Must-See TV by Lisa McMullin

There are new arrivals in Baker Street: Sergeant Andy Davidson, and the helpful Mr Bird.

The Doctor isn’t happy that someone else in the house is more useful than him. When the residents’ TVs start to malfunction, he suspects foul play.

Someone is watching...

1.4 Divine Intervention by David K Barnes

As the Doctor becomes desperate, Helen and Liv advise him to accept their situation.

Liv makes a date - but gets more than she bargains for when the whole household comes along.

And when a threat from the future finally arrives, the Doctor is placed in real danger. It’s time for the truth to emerge...

Stories Edit

# Title Author Director Doctor Featuring Released Pr. code
1.1 Lost Property Matt Fitton Ken Bentley 8th Liv, Helen, Tania, Curator 17 June 2020 BFPDWCDMG047
1.2 Wild Animals John Dorney Liv, Helen, Tania
1.3 Must-See TV Lisa McMullin Liv, Helen, Tania, Andy
1.4 Divine Intervention David K Barnes

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Textless cover art

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