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[[Category:Locations visited by the Fourth Doctor]]
[[Category:Locations visited by the Fourth Doctor]]
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Storm Mine 4

The sandminer Storm Mine 4 in a desert. (TV: The Robots of Death)

Storm Mine 4 was a Kaldor sandminer used to extract and collect valuable minerals. It was visited by the Fourth Doctor and Leela at the time that Taren Capel began reprogramming the sandminer robots to kill the crew. (TV: The Robots of Death)

The massacre on Storm Mine 4 was later covered up by the Kaldor City Company. (AUDIO: Robophobia)

The Eighth Doctor wasn't certain whether the cabins on board the R101 reminded him of the Orient Express or of the Hyperion, or "maybe" Storm Mine 4. (AUDIO: Storm Warning)

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