Storm Mine is a stage play set within the continuity established by the Kaldor City series. It was adapted by Alan Stevens and Fiona Moore from the audio story of the same title as originally written by Daniel O'Mahony.

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In the sequel to Robots of Death, Blayes and Iago are trapped on a semi-deserted Storm Mine. Kaldor City is quarantined. And no-one can give an answer to the changes that are being wrought on all the crew... human and robot.

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  • This production of Daniel O'Mahony's Kaldor City audio play was part of the 'Greater Manchester Fringe Festival 2012' performed between 28 July to 30 July at the Lass O'Gowrie pub.
  • This version dispenses with the opening prologue from the original audio production.
  • A special premiere presentation of the script, in the form of a read-through by the cast seated in front of a live audience, along with Robots of Death, was performed at the Fab Café on Portland Street in advance of the stage play's debut. For this performance only, former Blake's 7 star Paul Darrow appeared as Kaston Iago.
  • Unlike Robots of Death, the role of the robot, V23, was performed without a mask, with make-up applied to the actress' face in order to give the suggestion of a robot aspect.
  • Promotional artwork designed by Adrian Salmon. [1]

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  • The Fiction Stroker says "There is no doubt that Storm Mine is a complex piece that has a plot across many levels. But the sheer scale and ambition of the plot has got to be admired, and the efforts that Director Sam Al-Hamdani and his cast have gone to in order to bring this to the stage. Yet, against the odds, it works".

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