Some of the stolen planets (TV: The Stolen Earth)

The stolen planets were twenty-seven astronomical bodies, comprised of twenty-six planets and one moon, that were made rogue planets when they were taken out of time and space and relocated to the Medusa Cascade by Davros and his New Dalek Empire. (TV: The Stolen Earth) He planned to use the alignment of the planets as a transmitter for the reality bomb, to allow complete destruction of every universe. (TV: Journey's End)

At the time of removal, some of the planets were inhabited, while others were empty. Twenty-four of the planets were taken from 2009, while three — Adipose 3, Pyrovillia, and the Lost Moon of Poosh — were taken from other eras. Members of the remaining twenty-four included Earth, Callufrax Minor, Jahoo, Shallacatop, Woman Wept, Clom, (TV: The Stolen Earth) Strepto, (PROSE: Something in the Water) and Griffoth. (TV: SJAF 1)

All twenty-seven worlds were later returned home by the Tenth Doctor, the meta-crisis Doctor, and Donna Noble, defeating Davros and his plan. (TV: Journey's End)

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