Steven Wickham, sometimes listed as Steve Wickham, is a voice actor for Big Finish Productions. He had earlier appeared in uncredited roles in two Doctor Who television stories in 1984.

He has played a couple of recurring roles for Big Finish, including Joseph in the Big Finish Bernice Summerfield series and the Time Lord Valyes in the Gallifrey series. He has also portrayed one-off characters in the Doctor Who range.

Outside of Doctor Who, Wickham is an accomplished character actor with roles dating back to the turn of the 1990s. He's worked on Red Dwarf, EastEnders, The Bill, Doctors, and Casualty. One of his most regular television roles is that of "Future Rufus" in 2010's Hounded. He also notably guest starred on 2011's Come Fly With Me, with Matt Lucas and David Walliams.

He is an avid Doctor Who fan and once attended the PanoptiCon convention to interview Nicholas Courtney, Katy Manning and Jon Pertwee. Video of the event was included as a special feature on the special DVD release of The Three Doctors under the title PanoptiCon 93.

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