Steve Moore (11 June 1949- 16 March 2014[1]) was a British comics scriptwriter. He was the closest friend to and originally mentored well-known comics writer Alan Moore (no relation). He wrote many of the backup strips for Doctor Who Weekly before being moved to the main strip. His most famous creations are the Cyberman Kroton and Abslom Daak.

He left the title after being told that editor Alan McKenzie began the next Daak story without his knowledge. Despite this, he almost wrote a Daak mini-series (unrelated to Doctor Who), After Daak, for Marvel UK in the early 1990s. After Daak was, for various reasons, never published. [2] Years later, the character of Kroton would also be used without his permission or knowledge. Moore was not fond of the later appearances of Kroton [3] or Daak in Doctor Who Magazine. [4]

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