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| time = 1994-present
| time = 1994-present
| story = [[#Bibliography|See below]]
| story = [[#Bibliography|See below]]
| non dwu =
| non dwu = ''Red Dwarf Programme Guide'', ''The Completely Useless Star Trek Encyclopedia'', ''Cunning: The Blackadder Programme Guide'', ''The Legacy Quest'' trilogy, ''X-Men'', ''The Micronauts: The Time Traveller Trilogy'', ''The Tomorrow People'', ''Sapphire & Steel'', ''Warhammer'', ''Superman'', ''Sratgate SG-1'', ''Blake's 7''
| imdb =
| imdb =
| twitter =
| twitter =

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Steve Lyons is the author of several Doctor Who novels. He also writes comic strips for Doctor Who Adventures and articles for Doctor Who Magazine.



Virgin New Adventures

Virgin Missing Adventures

BBC Eighth Doctor Adventures

BBC Past Doctor Adventures

BBC New Series Adventures - Ninth Doctor novels

2 in 1 Novel

Doctor Who reference books

Short stories

Brief Encounter

Doctor Who Magazine

Short Trips

Big Finish Bernice Summerfield series

Iris Wildthyme

The Legends of River Song


Big Finish main range

Big Finish special releases

The New Eighth Doctor Adventures


Companion Chronicles

BBC New Series Adventures

Destiny of the Doctor

Comic stories

Tenth Doctor DWA stories

Eleventh Doctor DWA stories

Twelfth Doctor DWM stories

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