Steve Jobs was a human entrepreneur who created the iPad. According to Seb, Jobs' consciousness was uploaded to the Nethersphere after his death. (TV: Dark Water)

When Helen Sinclair insisted that it was impossible to record sound onto a (stone) tablet, the Eighth Doctor jokingly said "tell that to Steve Jobs". (AUDIO: The Red Lady)

Graham O'Brien identified himself under the false name of Steve Jobs to a police officer in Alabama in 1955. (TV: Rosa)

Behind the scenes Edit

In the real world, Jobs' company, Apple Inc., also created the iPod, iPhone and Macintosh computers. This connection has not been directly made in-universe yet. However, his creation of the iPhone is indirectly acknowledged in Rosa in which Graham, taking on the false identity of Steve Jobs, announces that he is developing a telephone capable of playing music, taking photographs, sending letters, and serving as a calendar. This description refers to the iPhone's various functions.

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