Stephen Regelous was credited as a 3D artist for the Doctor Who television story Partners in Crime, but he was actually an expert called in by the Mill to handle a particular problem for which he was a recognised global expert. Regelous was the key developer of MASSIVE, a kind of CGI software that allowed for the depiction of huge battle scenes containing thousands of independently-acting characters. The software, and Regelous' own artistry, were honoured with an Academy Award for The Lord of the Rings. Given that background, Regelous' specific task on Doctor Who was the creation of the crowd Adipose scenes in Partners, for the "March of the Adipose" scene.

Regelous flew to Wales from New Zealand just to work on the Adipose scenes. He once said of his experience on Doctor Who:

...I was quietly hoping that MASSIVE might be used to create hordes of Daleks or Cybermen, and with series four, I jumped at the opportunity to be involved. It's been very fulfilling to be a fan from about three or four years old and finally be able to contribute to the Doctor Who universe.Regelous, as quoted by The Guardian and reused in Doctor Who Magazine Special Edition 20

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