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Nicholas in Dubai for the filming of Planet of the Dead (CON: Desert Storm)

Stephen Nicholas was the supervising art director (or in some cases the chief supervising art director) on most episodes of the BBC Wales version of Doctor Who from Rose through series 5. He has held a similar position on some series 1 episodes of Torchwood, and all of Children of Earth. He was also the chief on a few series 1 episodes of The Sarah Jane Adventures.

He has been a documentary subject of Doctor Who Confidential at least twice, in the episodes which accompanied The Impossible Planet and Planet of the Dead.

His career began in about 1997, when he started working in the art departments of various one-off productions, mainly as a standby art director and forward dresser.

Much of his early career was dominated by an association with Peakviewing Transatlantic PLC, a South African production house. It was in this period that he apparently met and started working with long-term Doctor Who colleague, Jonathan Marquand Allison, on such projects as The Little Unicorn, The Last Leprechaun and Africa.


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