Stephen King

Stephen King was someone Elton Pope quoted as saying "Salvation and damnation are the same thing," something which Elton "never" understood until he met the Tenth Doctor, regained the memories of his mother's death and lost LINDA. (TV: Love & Monsters)

When Kina was suddenly very different and her eyes were bloodshot, Melanie Bush mentioned that she had seen enough Stephen King films to be alarmed by this. (PROSE: Spiral Scratch)

Henry Lattimer, a security guard at Hubway, read the latest Stephen King novel while working the nightshift. (PROSE: System Shock) When the Tenth Doctor and Martha Jones landed on the planet created by Ch'otterai, who used the fictional books Martha had read throughout her life to create it, an image of the Overlook Hotel (From The Shining) appeared and the Doctor mistook the car from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, for the car Christine, from Stephen King's book of the same name. (PROSE: The Mystery of the Haunted Cottage)

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

Some critics believe that the Sarah Jane Adventures character Pied Piper is based on Stephen King's Clown Pennywise in IT,[1][2] as Odd Bob, the Clown, the Pied Piper feeds on the fear of children. He also makes children see and face their worst fears. The Pied Piper uses red balloons when he appears. Grown-ups usually do not see the Pied Piper.

Footnotes[edit | edit source]

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