Father Stendec was Faction Paradox's cryptozoologist.

He was recruited during the late 21st century when technological advances were making his field of study obsolete.

His part-time patron was Godfather Morlock. Stendec was a serious scientist, but sometimes liked taking creatures and putting them in unlikely places, saying it was 'because I like the way they look.' He also would take animals that were going to become extinct and put them back several centuries later to see the response. He repopulated Loch Ness with at least five different kinds of dinosaurs. (PROSE: The Book of the War)

On the trail of an obscure cryptid, Stendec collected eight objects and arranged for Mace and Braquemard to examine them using psychometry. (PROSE: T.memeticus: A Morphology)

Trna gave Stendec the Compound creatures which she captured. (PROSE: Houses of Cards)

In the City of the Saved, Stendec was a Father of the Faction's Rump Parliament. In AF 291, he attended Allisheer St Marx's masked ball at the Watchtower. He brought a mapinguary with him to the party. (PROSE: Of the City of the Saved...)

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