Stealing Series 9 Scripts was the eleventh episode of Season 1 of The Fan Show, released on the Doctor Who YouTube Channel. Like other episodes of The Fan Show, it was split between a parodical narrative sequence and a short bit of reporting on real-life Doctor Who news, making it simultaneously a bit of invalid fiction and a documentary.

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What's known about Series 9 so far?

Summary Edit

Christel breaks into the "secret writing lair at the heart of a hideout volcano beneath 221B Baker Street" where Steven Moffat works, intent on stealing the scripts for Series 9 of Doctor Who. She manages to get in, but, after exploring some of the many rooms and trinkets in the complex, she hears someone coming in. She quickly hides in a cabinet only to be discovered by Moffat, and ends up imprisoned in his glass specimen pod, dressed as the Tenth Doctor.

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Notes Edit

  • The next episode of The Fan Show, Christel Gets Caught, was made up entirely of outtakes for the scene from the skit where Christel is confronted by Moffat.
  • One of the notes seems to confirm the theory that the Osgood who survived Death in Heaven was the Zygon version.
  • The "Press Gang: The Next Generation" post-it note is a reference to Press Gang, one of the series helmed by Moffat before he got onto Doctor Who.
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