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Starships had several methods of traversing the great distances between points of travel. Faster-than-light travel was a common method.

Hyperspace often required significant power. (TV: The Stones of Blood) By the 30th century, several species such as humans and Hith were experimenting with different methods of utilising Icarons for use in spaceship design with regards to hyperspace. (PROSE: Original Sin)

As early as 4 billion BC, the Jagaroth had utilised warp drive as a method of propulsion. (TV: City of Death) By the 26th century, human spaceships utilising anti-matter were propelled using warp drive. (TV: Earthshock, The Girl in the Fireplace)

Cryogenics[edit | edit source]

Rather than using faster-than-light or other methods of propulsion, some starships used suspended animation and/or cryogenic suspension to prevent their crew from ageing or experiencing the voyage. (COMIC: Profits of Doom!)

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