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In a parallel universe, Starfleet uniforms were uniforms worn by individuals serving in the Starfleet of the United Federation of Planets.


23rd century[]

Blue, yellow, and red uniforms of the 23rd century (COMIC: Assimilation)

The Starfleet uniform of the 23rd century was a long-sleeve, division-coloured tunic, with a closing seam from the collar to the left shoulder. Furthermore, tunics bore insignia braids on the sleeves, and an patch on the left breast was worn by all personnel. The tunics had either a black collar with a V-shaped bottom, or were collarless, allowing for the wearer to instead wear a black undershirts. Black pants were worn that ended in length midway down the shank of the boot and terminated in a one-inch-wide flare.

Division colours included yellow, worn by Captain James T. Kirk, blue, worn by first officer Spock and ship's surgeon Leonard McCoy, and red, worn by chief engineer Montgomery Scott.

The sleeve braids were evidently an indicator of rank; Captain Kirk's insignia consisted of a ring of golden dashes between two braids, Spock and Scott sported two braids without the dashes, while McCoy sported a braid and a ring. (COMIC: Assimilation)

24th century[]

Yellow and red uniforms of the 24th century (COMIC: Assimilation)

The Starfleet uniform of the 24th century consisted of form-fitting jumpsuits, primarily black but prominently displaying the wearers' division of service. As with the earlier Starfleet uniform, the divisions were distinguished by colour. Worn with a insignia badge on the left breast, this uniform also displayed insignia in the form of round pips sported on the top of the high collar, leaving a flat black look.

Division colours included red, worn by Captains such as Jean-Luc Picard and Commander William Riker, yellow, worn by Lieutenants Data, Worf and Geordi La Forge, and blue worn by Doctor Beverly Crusher, who also wore a light blue coat.

The collar pips were evidently an indicator of rank; Captain Picard sported a row of four golden pips, Commander Riker wore three golden pips, Lieutenants such as Data, Worf and La Forge sported three pips consisting of two gold and one black, Lieutenants such as Amato sported only two gold pips, while Ensigns wore only one.

Worf, a Klingon, uniquely wore a sash over his right shoulder.

Counselor Deanna Troi wore casual attire rather than a uniform, but sported a Starfleet badge. Guinan, a civilian bartender, wore no badge.

In an alternate timeline in which the Cybermen overran the galaxy, this uniform was worn by some of the last Starfleet officers who were rounded up by the Cybermen at Starfleet Academy. Alongside these, another uniform consisted of a black two piece jumpsuit with division-colored shoulders. (COMIC: Assimilation)

Other references[]

The Seventh Doctor's wardrobe (PROSE: The Useful Pile)

A 24th century Starfleet uniform was present in the Seventh Doctor's TARDIS wardrobe. (PROSE: The Useful Pile)

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