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Star Wars was a popular science fiction film series from Earth which was made in the 1970s and the 2000s, comprising a total of nine films by the 2040s. (PROSE: The Last Resort) Iris Wildthyme was cast in the third film as a woman in a gold bikini and was the only woman in the film with lines other than Carrie Fisher as Princess Leia. According to Fisher, Iris was fun to be around but difficult behind the camera, due to her demands that she use her own wardrobe and make-up and her inability to recall her lines. Iris claimed she could convey everything with just a look, but they eventually had to recast, to her displeasure. (PROSE: Drowned in Moonlight)

The Sixth Doctor and Frobisher attended the American premiere of the first film at Mann's Chinese Theatre in May 1977. Frobisher appreciated the original film and was aware of its place in culture, but the Doctor claimed to prefer the Special Editions. He also thought the actor who played Tarkin looked familiar, and seemed to remember meeting his granddaughter. (PROSE: Mission: Impractical)

Star Wars Episode One: The Phantom Menace was among the films which Bill Bishop watched in a Department M rehabilitation facility in 1999. (PROSE: The Danger Men)

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Tegan Jovanka contemptuously referred to her former companion Nyssa's servo robot Loki as R2-D2. (AUDIO: Cobwebs)

Flip Jackson compared the Valeyard to Darth Vader. The Sixth Doctor expressed surprise at her reference, not having thought she liked Star Wars, to which she replied she loved Jar Jar Binks. (AUDIO: Stage Fright)

When the Sixth Doctor told Flip that Transmission was an artificial planetoid, she compared it to the Death Star. The Doctor expressed the hope that it was "not quite so ominous". (AUDIO: The Fourth Wall)

Returned to her old haunts in Perivale in 1989, Ace learned from Ange that their mutual friend Flo married a "brain-dead plumber" whom they had nicknamed "Darth Vader." (TV: Survival)

Ace compared the hymnal skein to the Force. The Seventh Doctor agreed that it was a useful analogy. (PROSE: Hymn of the City)

Sam Jones had Star Wars toys as a child. (PROSE: Alien Bodies)

David and Chris also owned Star Wars toys, which they left scattered around their home in Newton Aycliffe. (PROSE: Fanboys)

Darth Vader poster

Izzy Sinclair's Darth Vader poster. (COMIC: Beautiful Freak)

Izzy Sinclair had a Darth Vader poster on her bedroom wall in the TARDIS. (COMIC: Beautiful Freak)

Ianto Jones had a Star Wars duvet with a Wookiee pillow when he lived in London. He gave it to Yvonne Hartman for the sofa when she slept over at his flat, while on the run. (AUDIO: Through the Ruins)

The Tenth Doctor told Martha Jones that Jar Jar Binks' clan were "...good people...very hospitable." (PROSE: Forever Autumn)

Alex's mum didn't like the hood on his coat, and compared him to "one of those little things in Star Wars", which Alex identified as Jawas. He said she never learned their names, no matter how many times you told her. (PROSE: Do You Smell Carrots?)

Both Mr Grantham and Clyde Langer made reference to the series, the latter comparing himself to Luke Smith's mentor, like Obi-Wan Kenobi. (TV: Warriors of Kudlak)

Clyde called Luke his "young padawan", when stating he had much to learn about humour. (TV: Prisoner of the Judoon) Clyde said that he did a school history project on the Battle of Waterloo because his teacher had not allowed him to do one on the Battle of Hoth. (TV: The Last Sontaran)

At the end of a holographic communication left to Jack Harkness, his former lover John Hart, another Time Agent, mockingly said "Help me, Obi-Wan Kenobi, you're my only hope". (TV: Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang)

In 2008, Zeynep asked Ianto Jones if he had seen Star Wars. (AUDIO: Fall to Earth)

The entries in the series were among Joe Sterling's favourite films. (PROSE: Almost Perfect)

The Tenth Doctor once said that ventilation ducts never seemed to work out as a means of escape, just like in Star Wars. (TV: Dreamland)

The Eleventh Doctor once compared himself to "the little green one from Star Wars" and proceeded to play with an imaginary lightsaber. (TV: Meanwhile in the TARDIS)

Amy Pond cried out "Help me, Obi Wan!" upon seeing a hologram of herself. (PROSE: The King's Dragon)

Selfie Boba Fett

A child cosplaying as Boba Fett. (COMIC: Selfie)

When the Twelfth Doctor and Clara landed at San Diego Comic-Con a child was present, cosplaying as the Star Wars character Boba Fett. (COMIC: Selfie)

A homeless man, who was an eyewitness to one of the metal kind arriving on Earth, established his perception of what robots were like from Star Wars, which he explained when he told Sarah Jane Smith and Rani Chandra the creature could not be a robot. (TV: Sky)

Fitz Kreiner mentioned that he had seen all nine Star Wars films at a cinema in the 2040s recalling the sight of the Imperial Walkers. (PROSE: The Last Resort)

Hex described the control centre of Ranulph Fiennes Bunker as a cross between Buckingham Palace and the Death Star. (AUDIO: The Word Lord) Bernice Summerfield compared The Empire State to the Death Star. (AUDIO: The Empire State)

Anji Kapoor considered recounting the tale of Jabba the Hutt and Han Solo to Jamon de la Rocas, recalling the tale after her boyfriend Dave Young made her watch Star Wars. (PROSE: The Slow Empire)

While on Skaro in the 27th century, Bernice Summerfield described the Seventh Doctor as "the worst Yoda ever". (AUDIO: The Lights of Skaro)

Ryan Sinclair thought the blaster given to him by Vitus to use against the dead soldiers reanimated by the Tenctrama resembled the weapons used in Star Wars. (PROSE: Combat Magicks)

On another adventure, he also hummed the Star Wars theme song while he blasted attacking satellites and commented "Poe Dameron's got nothing on me." (PROSE: Molten Heart)

Before she saw the TARDIS for the first time, Flip thought that it would be "a shiny Star Wars starship dooda". (AUDIO: The Middle)

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