Star Death was a backup comic story published in Doctor Who Magazine in 1981. It featured the early days of the Time Lord civilisation and was set during the time of Rassilon and Omega.

It was notable as the first appearance of Rassilon in any medium, as it was released after he was first mentioned in TV: The Deadly Assassin, and before his first television appearance in TV: The Five Doctors. Furthermore, it was notable for depicting the circumstances leading to Omega's imprisonment in the Anti-matter universe as seen in TV: The Three Doctors.

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On the order of Grand Master of the Prydonian Chapter, Rassilon, Lord Griffen and Lady Jodelex await the collapse of the dying star, Qqaba. Fenris, also known as the Hell-Bringer, a mercenary from the future, travels back in time to sabotage the experiment and change Time Lord history. He causes the ships' stasis haloes to fail, leaving Lord Omega doomed to fall into the black hole. However, Rassilon's intervention sees Fenris dispatched and the experiment a success. Fenris's discarded belt provides the much needed technology to use the new energy and will provide a form of directional control.

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  1. DWM 47 (4) The End

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