Star Beast II was a comic published in the Doctor Who Yearbook 1996. It featured the Fourth Doctor.

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Beep the Meep is freed on parole after fifteen years of incarceration for his crimes. The Black Sun drive with which he enslaved people has been removed from his ship. Beep returns to Blackcastle, Earth, where he had crashed years before and hidden away a spare drive.

Attempting to go to Unicepter IV for Sharon Davies' wedding, the Fourth Doctor inadvertently ends up in Blackcastle, where he'd first met Sharon and her schoolmate Fudge Higgins. The TARDIS has materialised at a cinema, so the Doctor decides to leave K9 in the TARDIS (having noticed a NO PETS sign) and watch a Lassie film.

Beep arrives at the cinema, underneath which his spare Black Star drive is buried. Holding the Doctor at gunpoint, Beep detonates a grenade to expose the buried component. The Doctor escapes from the explosion and runs into the cinema's owner, Colin Higgins — a now grown-up Fudge. The two escape to the projection booth, where the Doctor converts the projector to a black light receiver. Activating it imprisons Beep within the Lassie film which was loaded into the projector.

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  • This story is a sequel to the comic story Doctor Who and the Star Beast.
  • Fudge's real first name is revealed — he wears a nameplate on his lapel which reads COLIN HIGGINS.
  • The Doctor is wearing the burgundy version of his outfit.

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