Star-Crossed was one of four short stories included in the anthology The Story of Martha as one of the stories Martha Jones tells in The Story of Martha.

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The Doctor and Martha find themselves aboard a ship heading for a planet destined to become colonised by the humans aboard. However all is not well as they find themselves caught between two groups fighting for their survival from the others.

One group calls themselves the pure humans, recently awoken from their cryogenic chambers, whilst the other is made up of the Artificials, a genetically engineered slave race whose job is simply maintenance. But it seems at first that the Artificial has used most of the ship's energy to duplicate themselves to overrun the ship.

Can the situation really be as black and white as that? The Doctor and Martha investigate and find that all is not as it seems. With the ship's resources dwindling and with the crew unable to find the solar energy needed to get them to their destination, how will they achieve planet fall? And can the Doctor and Martha resolve this civil war before the last of the ship's energy is used up?

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