Stangmoor Prison was a prison in England.

Before becoming a prison it was a fortress in the Middle Ages. It was the ideal place to demonstrate the Keller Machine, as there were many criminals available. Later, when the Master and the inmates took it over, it was used as base of operations for his plan to hijack the Thunderbolt missile. UNIT sergeant John Benton was briefly the governor of Stangmoor after UNIT retook it from the convicts. (TV: The Mind of Evil) Prior to his death, General Andrews was the prison's governor. (AUDIO: The Last Post)

The journalist James Stevens of the Daily Chronicle attended the demonstration of the Keller Process in Stangmoor Prison. Later, a Liverpudlian UNIT soldier named Francis Cleary was present in the prison during the riots and shot an inmate. (PROSE: Who Killed Kennedy)

The Master was sent to Stangmoor Prison after his capture and trial, but during his captivity, an army of hypnotised salespeople stormed the prison to try to rescue him. However, this failed and the Master was sent to another secure holding facility. (PROSE: Freedom)

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