Stag party

A stag party, stag night or stag do was a party held for the groom before his wedding. The equivalent for women was a hen night. These took place frequently in Cardiff pubs. (AUDIO: One Rule)

On 26 March 2005, Helen Evans attended a stag night at the White Lion for a friend of hers. (AUDIO: One Rule)

Rhys Williams went on a stag night with his friend Banana before getting married to Gwen Cooper the next day. (TV: Something Borrowed)

During Rory Williams' stag party, at The Horse & Jockey, (PROSE: Stop, Thief!, Rory's Stag) the Eleventh Doctor popped out of a paper cake in place of Lucy, the stripper hired to do so. The party turned awkward when the Doctor revealed to Rory that his fiancée kissed him. (TV: The Vampires of Venice)

Ryan Sinclair referred to the eve of Prem's wedding as his stag night. (TV: Demons of the Punjab)

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