Stacy Campbell was a woman who, in 2009, was on the Adipose Industries diet. She took one Adipose pill per day for three weeks. She lived in 23 Marsley Street, Haringey, London. Her postcode was N4 5DB and her home phone number was 020 7946 0573.

Donna Noble visited Stacy, pretending to be from Adipose Industries. Stacy was preparing to dump her boyfriend. Donna started playing with an Adipose pill necklace, which triggered parthenogenesis in Stacy. Stacy saw an Adipose; Matron Cofelia detected the unscheduled parthenogenesis and activated full parthenogenesis, killing Stacy.

The full parthenogenesis caused Stacy's whole body to gurgle, convulse, swell then convert completely into several Adipose. Her clothes fell into a pile on the floor from which the Adipose emerged. (TV: Partners in Crime)

Behind the scenes Edit

While her name is given as "Stacy Campbell" in dialogue and in the Adipose Industries file visible onscreen, the Partners in Crime credits list her as "Stacey Harris" instead.

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