St Michel was a town in the Somme in France that was devastated during World War I.

During the Battle of the Somme in July 1916, it was on the German side of the No Man's Land. The town was almost completely emptied by Weeping Angels, allowing the Jamie Colquhoun's regiment commanded by Captain Douglas Fairbairn to take it without any resistance. The only survivor they found had sewn his eyes open to avoid being taken by the Angels. Continuing their hunt, Weeping Angels also sent many of Jamie's brothers-in-arms to various points in the past, including Wullie Cairns, Joe Logue and John McHugh.

After the end of the Great War, the town instituted St Michel War Cemetery for war veterans, which very old Jamie attended in 2007 with his grandson and great-grandchildren. (COMIC: The Weeping Angels of Mons)

Behind the scenes Edit

  • Being published in the US, the name of the town, which is pretty common in France, was spelled in the American manner with a period: St. Michel. Since this deviated from the correct French spelling with a hyphen, St-Michel, anyways, on the wiki we default to the standard British English spelling St Michel without any punctuation signs.
  • In the real world, Mont-Saint-Michel is an island and mainland commune in Normandy. The island bares a striking resemblance to the town which is pictured in The Weeping Angels of Mons.
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