St Luke's University had a large lecture hall where the Twelfth Doctor taught his students while working as a lecturer.


He lectured students on topics as diverse as poetry and the physics of time, generally using a chalk board to assist him. It was during one of his lectures when he first noticed the qualities of Bill Potts. (TV: The Pilot)

The Doctor lectured students, including Bill Potts and Heather, on Time And Relative Dimension In Space, which he said meant life. He referred to past days, future days, present days, little moments and big moments and hypothesised them all happening at once. (TV: The Pilot)

He later led a lecture on the vacuum of space, and the effects that exposure would have on the human body. He was questioned by a student as to what that had to do with crop rotation, which he dismissed as space was much more interesting. (TV: Oxygen)

Shadow World Edit

In the Shadow World, a virtual reality designed by the Monks to be a perfect copy of the Doctor's universe, a simulacrum of the Twelfth Doctor was visited by the Pope and Cardinal Angelo while standing in thought at his lectern. Nardole helped the Doctor comprehend the event. (TV: Extremis)

Behind the scenes Edit

I'm in Doctor Who (it's a big deal)

I'm in Doctor Who (it's a big deal)

Caroline Lie describes her experience as an extra in the lecture hall.

Lecture hall scenes have been filmed in the Reardon Smith Theatre, within the National Museum Cardiff.

Students attending the Doctor's lectures, aside from Bill and Heather, included Classmates' Caroline Lie and Joe (TARDISArchives), who can both be seen in multiple locations around the hall in The Pilot. The student who challenges the Doctor in Oxygen was played by Lauren Pate, one of Doctor Who series 10's assistant directors.

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