The courtyard was a location on the outside of St Luke's University's main building. The quandrangle (AUDIO: Dead Media) had plenty of grass space, and at least one bench. (TV: The Pilot)


Upon arriving at the university, Bill Potts saw the Twelfth Doctor and Nardole running through it. She secretly followed them, until they arrived at a mysterious vault. Bill accidentally made a noise while in the vault, so she left.

On her way back to the campus, she met Heather, and approached her. They began chatting, until, eventually, Heather took Bill to look at a strange puddle in a lot nearby.

Later, the Doctor ran across the courtyard, with Bill after him, to check out that puddle. That evening, that same sentient puddle, taking the form of Heather, confronted Bill outside the university building, having chased Bill from her flat. She immediately ran up to the Doctor's study. (TV: The Pilot)

After the Doctor's lecture on crop rotation became about space, Nardole strolled with him through the courtyard on the way to the vault, making the suggestion that the Doctor missed going to space. (TV: Oxygen)

During the Monk invasion, a giant Monk statue stood in the courtyard, by the main entrance. (TV: The Lie of the Land)

While the Doctor and Petra dealt with an inter-dimensional creature, students across the quadrangle filmed the incident on their mobile phones. The Doctor captured the creature in a Polaroid photograph. (AUDIO: Dead Media)

The Doctor and Bill briefly crossed through the courtyard when discussing whether or not it worth releasing Missy from the vault to test how good she had become. (TV: World Enough and Time)

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