A funeral was held for St John Colchester in Cardiff after he was shot by a Sorvix assassin and suffered a heart attack. (AUDIO: Future Pain)

Service[edit | edit source]

The funeral was officiated by Sally, a celebrant. Mr Colchester had asked that the funeral begin with something embarrassing. Colin Colchester-Price chose their wedding video over The Birdie Song. Afterwards, Colin and Sally each gave a speech before everybody made a round of applause to honour Mr Colchester's life.

A buffet was served after the service. Tyler, being recently homeless, filled his pockets with pork pies whilst Mr Colchester's friend from university ate a large amount of smoked salmon. Other food included sandwiches, coronation chicken, Scotch eggs, mini burgers and shop-bought cocktail sausages. (AUDIO: Future Pain)

Attendees[edit | edit source]

Attendees included Colin Colchester-Price, Gwen Cooper, Andy Davidson, Jack Harkness, Tyler Steele, Rhys Williams and God as well as a sergeant, a major-general and a peer of Mr Colchester's from university. Yvonne Hartman missed the service due to her investigating the whereabouts of the Sorvix. Jane Colchester sent her apologies from New Zealand and Colin's family politely declined to attend. (AUDIO: Future Pain)

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