St Albans was a city located in Hertfordshire, England.

On 16 December 1996, the Fourth Doctor visited St Albans to deliver a letter which had been mistakenly delivered to the TARDIS, only to find that he had gotten the date wrong by a year.

On 17 December 1997, the First Doctor briefly visited St Albans to make sure that 1960s England would be a safe place to stay. While there, a letter was mistakenly delivered to the TARDIS, which was disguised as a pillar box. At the same time, the Fourth Doctor arrived in St Albans with a copy of the letter and posted it to a real pillar box. (PROSE: The Little Things)

The legendary Saint George who slew a green dragon and became a national symbol of England was from St Albans. (AUDIO: Castle of Fear)

In 2009, calls to the emergency services from St Albans suggested that children were frozen. (TV: Children of Earth: Day Three)

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