Sskel was an Ice Warrior under the command of Azaxyr. He aided him in taking over Peladon.

Sskel, with Azaxyr and the other Ice Warriors, were hiding in the refinery on Peladon, and Sarah caught a blurred glimpse of Sskel until the lights were turned off. When the Third Doctor and Gebek discovered Sskel and other Ice Warriors, they took over Peladon and placed it under martial law.

Sskel told Azaxyr that hostages had been taken, and would be killed in selected numbers if Azaxyr's commands were not obeyed. When Ettis and a group of miners burst into the throne room to rescue Gebek, Sskel and the other Ice Warriors shot down everyone of the miners except Ettis who managed to escape.

Sskel then remained on guard at the communications room, and this is when the Doctor told Sarah Jane Smith to take a look at Sskel, who ordered her not to leave, and she recognised him from earlier on at the refinery. Sskel stopped the Doctor from leaving until the Doctor explained that he had to persuade Gebek's miners to return to work to mine Trisilicate.

Sskel later went down into the mines with other Ice Warriors to guard the miners, but when the Doctor turned up the heating controls, Sskel and the other warriors became weaker and weaker and were attacked by the miners. After this, Sskel was placed on guard just outside the throne room. Sskel killed Ortron when he helped Thalira to escape. Just after, Sskel was about to kill Thalira until Azaxyr stopped him.

Azaxyr ordered Sskel to go to the refinery when Alpha Centuri told Azaxyr that Sarah Jane Smith had followed the Doctor to the refinery when she saw him on the monitor. When Sskel arrived, he found a fallen Ice Warrior, clubbed over the head by Gebek with a stone, and he began to fire on the door and it melted. Two other Ice Warriors arrived and assisted Sskel, but the Doctor used the spirit of Aggedor on the two Ice Warriors and Sskel escaped and reported to Azaxyr.

When Gebek led the guards and miners in an attack on the throne room, Sskel killed one of the guards, but was accidentally shot and killed by Azaxyr when Gebek seized Azaxyr's weapon. (TV: The Monster of Peladon)

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