Ssard was an Ice Warrior from an early period of Martian history. He joined the Eighth Doctor on his travels along with Stacy Townsend. The two travelled together for some time before leaving the TARDIS and eventually getting married.


Ssard, Risstaal and Tusstokk were guards at the Ascendance Rite for Izaxyrl, the son of High Lord Uzoxx of Balarzus Mons. When the Doctor and Stacy appeared, Ssard confronted them but left them unharmed.

Subsequently, the Doctor, Stacy and he got involved in the treachery of High Lord Artix and of Luass, the wife of Uzoxx and mother of Izaxyrl. Artix had the other two guards killed and kidnapped Isaxyrl. (COMIC: Descendance) At the conclusion of these events, Ssard was invited on a "holiday" by the Doctor and gladly accepted the offer to travel with him. (COMIC: Ascendance)

Ssard was not pleased with Victorian London. He had to wear a cloak to hide himself. He was a capable engineer and helped fix P'fer'd's spaceship. (COMIC: Perceptions) Unlike the Doctor, he failed to notice when Stacy was swapped with a shapeshifter. (COMIC: Coda) He eventually left the Doctor with Stacy in the late 40th century. The two became engaged and invited the Doctor to the wedding on Micawber's World. (PROSE: Placebo Effect)

Ssard and Stacy celebrated their eighteenth wedding anniversary with their three children. They were briefly wiped out of existence by the effects of the Pyramid Eternia, but after the intervention of the Twelfth Doctor and the Ancients of the Universe, the events were put back in place. (PROSE: Big Bang Generation)