Srangor was a planet where the Daleks and Kotris created their Temporal Chamber. Native animals to the planet were Petulins. (AUDIO: X and the Daleks)

Geography Edit

The surface of Srangor had many mounds, which the Doctor claimed were factories being used to build Dalek weapons. Large cities were present on the planet before the Daleks invaded. The Daleks had also burrowed to the core of the planet. (AUDIO: X and the Daleks) There was also a mountain on Srangor. (AUDIO: Fugitives) Due to the effect of Time Lord weapons being used on the planet, regeneration was impossible there. (AUDIO: X and the Daleks)

History Edit

At some point before 1893, the Daleks invaded Srangor, and enslaved the native population. Their cities were destroyed during this process.

By 1893, the Daleks, with the help of Kotris, began to construct a Temporal Chamber inside the planet, and the Dalek time controller used the planet as his base of operations. The Eighth Doctor and Molly O'Sullivan arrived in 1983 and met the locals of the planet, who lived in fear of the Daleks.

Centuries later, Kotris and the Dalek time controller succeeded in building their Space-time projector. (AUDIO: X and the Daleks)

Straxus travelled the planet in order to kill himself and erase the Dalek threat from history. He was prevented from doing so by Kotris, who sent temporal drones to save him. (AUDIO: Fugitives)

The influence of the Daleks on Srangor was erased after the timelines were re-written when Straxus was killed on the planet by the Daleks. Because of this, the Daleks never invaded Srangor. (AUDIO: X and the Daleks)

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