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Spring was a 2007 Big Finish Productions full-cast audio short story. It featured the Fifth Doctor and Nyssa. It featured the Doctor meeting another Time Lord who had "gone native" on an unnamed world inhabited by an avian species. It was perhaps most notable for its theme of how to construct a valid system of jurisprudence.

Publisher's summary

In the springtime of the distant future, the Doctor and Nyssa become embroiled in Time Lord politics on an alien world.


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As with all fifth Doctor/Nyssa stories, this one broadly occurs between DW: Time-Flight and Arc of Infinity. More specific placement is fairly arbitrary. Following the internal logic of the naming conventions of the stories on Circular Time, however, it must be relatively early in the Doctor's solo travels with Nyssa. Thus, a placement soon after DW: Time-Flight seems reasonable. Some have suggested that placement after BFA: The Game makes sense, as well.

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