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Spring-heeled Jack

You may be looking for Jack McSpringheel.

Spring-heeled Jack was a Hunter who became a figure of notoriety in 19th century London during his search for Morjanus.


Searching for Morjanus[]

Jack was sent to Earth to kill Morjanus in 1837. He was unable to find her as she had taken on a false identity. He was called Spring-heeled Jack because he jumped around. Jack roamed London for three years, trying to find Morjanus. The effect this had on his mind caused him to speak in rhyme. Jack captured many women and searched them for a necklace that would identify them as Morjanus.

Meeting the Doctor[]

In 1840, Jack was attacked by the Eighth Doctor, who shoved a cart at him. This did not hurt Jack, who fled. He followed the Doctor and Penny to her home. When the Doctor was alone he unleashed a blast of psychic energy upon him. He saw the Doctor's thoughts and the Doctor used the blast to see Jack's. Jack thought of his burning home planet and his dying people. Penny attacked Jack with a shotgun, but to no effect. Jack left.

Guardian Demon[]

Jack found Morjanus disguised as Penny and used his psychic attack on her. He killed a part of her that was Morjanus but left Penny alive. He remained in London as its "Guardian Demon" declaring that his home planet was wonderful but had gone. (COMIC: The Curious Tale of Spring-Heeled Jack)


In 1899, the London papers speculated that the Pugilist might have been Spring-heeled Jack. (AUDIO: The Justice of Jalxar)

Jack was remembered as one of the most "monstrous" graduates of l'Academie Sinistaire. (PROSE: The Beasthouse)

After a series of brutal London murders in 1909, some believed that it meant the return of either Jack the Ripper or Spring-heeled Jack. (PROSE: Birthright, AUDIO: Birthright)