The Sporraxx were a species which were known to K9. According to him they were the scariest creatures in the universe. He wanted to describe them to Starkey, Jorjie Turner and Darius Pike someday. (TV: The Fall of the House of Gryffen)

Someday after his time with Starkey, Jorjie and Darius, K9 was free falling in space. He entered a space ship which turned out to be a Sporraxx space ship. The Sporraxx imprisoned K9 when they realised that his general reference capacity was far beyond any computer that they had ever come across. Then the Sporraxx tried to extract K9's memory core. They got information about Earth and wanted to plunder the planet. They reprogrammed K9 to protect a device, which turned out to be a small spherical marauder bomb, that would destroy Earth. However, K9 was able to break free of their control, because deep in his memories a sense of right and wrong prevailed. He took the bomb back into the Sporraxx space ship, which exploded. (COMIC: Short Circuit)

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