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Spore was the eighth Puffin eshort released to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who.

Publisher's summary[edit | edit source]

In a small town in the Nevada desert, an alien pathogen has reduced the entire population to a seething mass of black slime. When the Eighth Doctor arrives, he realises this latest threat to humanity is horrifyingly familiar — it is a virus which almost annihilated his entire race, the Time Lords...

Plot[edit | edit source]

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Characters[edit | edit source]

References[edit | edit source]

  • A grocery store has a pink, neon Budweiser beer sign above its door.
  • The pathogen arrived on Gallifrey more than a thousand years before the Doctor was born, killing several hundred Time Lords.
  • The Doctor shines his torch on a Chevrolet and a Honda.
  • The pathogen/spore is a von Neumann seeding probe, named after John von Neumann, who theorised the probe's possibility.
  • The Doctor poses as a member of the CDC.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • This is the first eShort to feature a new companion.
  • An audiobook of the story was read by Nicholas Pegg.
  • UNIT is referred to as the "Unified Intelligence Taskforce" rather than the "United Nations Intelligence Taskforce", a name change that started with the revived series in 2005.

Continuity[edit | edit source]

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