"Spoonheads" were robots created to help the Great Intelligence. The term "Spoonhead" was coined by Alexei; Miss Kizlet, the leader of the group that used the Spoonheads, referred to them as "servers," and expected the rest of the team to do the same. The Eleventh Doctor described one as a "walking Wi-Fi base station" that "hoover[ed] up people".

Appearance Edit

In their camouflaged state, "Spoonheads" looked human except for the back of the head, which contained an upload panel that could virtualise people into incorporeal forms. This resembled a glowing spoon which could rotate. They took their holographic appearances from images in the subconsciousness of any individual looking at them. Out of camouflage, a "Spoonhead" was roughly humanoid, but metallic, with angular limbs and a pronounced spoon-shaped head without any features. (TV: The Bells of Saint John)

History Edit

Spoonheads were used by Miss Kizlet's company to upload people's souls to the Internet for the Great Intelligence to feed upon. In London in 2013, a Spoonhead disguised as Kate Webster, a character from the book Summer Falls, partially uploaded Clara Oswald, but the Eleventh Doctor prevented it from doing so.

Eleventh Doctor Spoonhead

A Spoonhead disguised as the Eleventh Doctor. (TV: The Bells of Saint John)

When another Spoonhead disguised as the Doctor uploaded Clara successfully, the Doctor hacked into it, and the Spoonhead, still appearing as the Doctor, rode an anti-gravity motorbike up the Shard. The Doctor hid the telltale upload panel on the back of its head with his motorbike helmet, making the lookalike indistinguishable from the real Doctor until it took off the headgear. The Spoonhead absorbed Miss Kizlet and used her tablet to raise Mahler's obedience when she ordered him to download the entire data cloud, herself included, back to their bodies. (TV: The Bells of Saint John)

Behind the scenes Edit

Spoonheads appear as enemies in the Doctor Who: Legacy mobile game, and the spoonhead disguised as the Eleventh Doctor appears both as an enemy and as an ally.

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