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Spirit was the second story of the second series of Big Finish's Gallifrey audio series. It was written by Stephen Cole.

Publisher's summary[]

"They can bewitch at a glance, these ones. Fan fires you did not know burned inside you."

Leela is tired. Tired of the backbiting politics and intrigues in the sterile society of Time Lords. With the fate of her husband now known, she feels lonely and out of place on Gallifrey.

Romana is tired. Tired of justifying herself and her policies to a hostile council. With the line between allies and enemies beginning to blur, she persuades Leela to go with her to the presidential retreat of Davidia, a protected paradise.

Then an anomalous time ship arrives, carrying a single passenger. His hands are crushed, his tongue torn out, his mind destroyed. Is this broken man a victim of some terrible crime or part of a trap now primed and ready to spring? After this strange encounter, Romana and Leela may never be the same again.


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  • Romana mentions the Great Vampires.
  • Leela has spent around 25 years on Gallifrey. The bio-fields have helped to keep her young.
  • The "broken man" was transported to Haflon VII in temporary cryogenic suspension.
  • Leela and Romana debate on the manner of life's progressions towards natural beauty. Romana argues for natural selection, whereby the best adapted lifeforms and specimens are simply more likely to procreate, while Leela holds that there must be a spirit in nature which designs according to its plan. As Leela summarises their argument, the Time Lords have faith only in their own certainty and breadth of knowledge, while her faith lies in a grander plan, a magic beyond herself, which accounts for nature's perfections.



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