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VFX Tests June 1994 (TV story) or VFX Tests June 1994 (home video), depending on whether the 1995 broadcasting as part of the Gamemasters "future releases" montage counts as a premiere.

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VFX Tests June 1994, often referred to as Spider Dalek, was a set of two sequences of test footage created by Amblin Entertainment in June of 1994 in expectation of a potential Doctor Who movie or TV reboot. Though the movie project in which they would have fit was never completed, the sequence was included in the special features of the Doctor Who TV movie that was in the end released in 1996.

The few seconds of the Spider Dalek test footage had previously been released on GameMasters in 1995 as part of a montage of clips from future Amblin Entertainment projects, but not as a distinct entity.


Inside a space station, out in the black abyss of space, a Spider Dalek roams the corridors, alternating between crawling on the floor or the ceiling thanks to its polyvalent abilities.



Story notes[]

Basis for the CGI Spider Dalek transformation.

Home video releases[]

  • Footage of the test animation, alongside early vortex tests, were included in the 2010 DVD release of TV: Doctor Who under the title "FX test reels."