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Sperovore, as it is spelt in A Life of Crime. However, it is spelled Speravore in the cast for The Diary of River Song: Series Two

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Speravores were a squid-like species which fed off of potential. They had a unique existence in that they had a shared digestive tract, with all Speravores sharing the same meal when they ate, with the title of chef being a well-regarded one in their culture as the one responsible for choosing the best meals for their people. (AUDIO: A Life of Crime)

The Sperovores were one of the wealthiest species in the Andromeda Galaxy, if not the wealthiest. (AUDIO: A Life of Crime) Their entire business strategy was built on being able to predict the future. (AUDIO: The Quantum Possibility Engine)

They were used by Golden Futures to feed off of the potential of their sleepers - as well as the Sixth Doctor - to produce energy for Project Elysium. (AUDIO: World Enough and Time)

They were defeated by River Song and the Sixth and Seventh Doctors. (AUDIO: The Eye of the Storm)

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