Spectrox was a substance harvested on the planet Androzani Minor. According to Morgus, it was the most valuable substance in the universe.

It was naturally found in dense, white, fibrous clusters within the chrysalis of the queen bat, a species that lived in the many caves that riddled the dry desert planet.

Unrefined spectrox was a powerful neurotoxin that caused spectrox toxaemia, capable of killing even a Time Lord, though they were able to hold back the worst effects through sheer willpower. The only known cure was the milk from the queen bat. Refined spectrox, taken in regular doses, could prolong a human lifespan to about twice its ordinary length, greatly slowing the ageing process.

Because it was so dangerous in its raw form, it was harvested by androids and brought to special refineries where it was made safe to handle. After this, the spectrox was shipped to Androzani Major and then the rest of the galaxy.

Refined spectrox needed to be taken daily or ageing would resume after a week or so of not taking it. Because of its uses and rarity, Spectrox was one of the most valued substances in the galaxy and many battles, both covert and overt were fought over its possession and distribution. (TV: The Caves of Androzani)

During the ages of the Earth Empire, spectrox was highly guarded and valued even then, with it supposedly being very hard to gain access to supplies of it without considerable difficulty. (PROSE: Ten Little Aliens)

The Company supplied spectrox to its operatives. However, the spectrox supply of operatives who failed in their missions was halted. (AUDIO: Second Chances)

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