A species lived in an accelerated time stream where thousands of years passed for them, while minutes passed for the rest of the universe.

Biology Edit

The species was humanoid, but could be distinguished from humans by their thin build, pale skin, equine faces, heavy brows and echoing voices. (AUDIO: Rise and Fall)

Culture Edit

During their hunter-gatherer stage, the species thought that the First Doctor and Ian Chesterton were spirits and called them the Unmoving Ones. The females would hunt and collect food, while the males would prepare it. When children came of age, they had to bring an offering of food to the Doctor and Ian. Icons in the shape of the TARDIS were made of bone and carried for luck.

After their industrial age, the species thought that the Doctor and Ian were relics from an ancient civilisation, until Pol proved them wrong. Toys were made of the TARDIS, the Doctor and Ian. (AUDIO: Rise and Fall)

History Edit

From their perspective, the First Doctor and Ian Chesterton visited their world while they were little more than animals. Even then, they were considered to be something special. As they developed, they copied the clothing of the Doctor and Ian and built houses like the TARDIS. Later inhabitants thought the Doctor and Ian were relics of a previous species, but Pol realised that they were alive but just moving too slowly. They eventually colonised the planet's moon and under unknown circumstances war broke out between the inhabitants of the planet and the moon. The moon separatists eventually won, destroying the civilisation. For the Doctor and Ian, less than a minute had passed from the beginning to the end of their civilisation. (AUDIO: Rise and Fall)